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Access to YubiHSM 1.5

Dear Sir or Madam,

a member of this group told me to post the following question and i hope
it is in the right place.

I'm working for a german quality assurance company in healthcare.
We are working on an security improvement for our hashcode generator,
which produces unique identifiers for patients.
I'm just evaluating the YubiHSM USB Module Version 1.5 for to use the
HMAC algorithm.
I've configured the YubiHSM in HSM-Mode via PuttY as i found it in the
manual but unfortunately I was not able to use the YubiHSM programmatically.
I can establish a serial connection to the module with C#, but I was not
able to find out, what data a have to transfer to the modul to get a
HMAC-SH1 response.

Is there anyobody who has some experience with that YubiHSM and could
possibly provide me with some informations?
Do you think it is a module that could be used in a 24/7 environment
with a maximum request load of 2000 request a day?
We are searching for an alternativ to a profession Network HSM because
more than 15000 € only for the secure build of a HMAC-Hash is a lot of


With kind regards

Joachim Brügmann

CIO (Chief Information Officer)

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