GPGME keyserver/key retrieval operations

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GPGME keyserver/key retrieval operations

Dan Snider
I am working on a project that uses the Python GPGME 1.8 bindings. When
the program encounters a BadSignature exception due to a missing public
key in the keyring, I have the program call a 'refresh_keyring' method,
passing the missing fingerprint to that function, so I can shell out to
/usr/bin/gpg and run a --recv-keys operation against a remote key server
using the passed fingerprint as the argument.

After looking and searching through the GPGME PDF documentation, I did
not find a mechanism in the library to retrieve keys or refresh the
keyring from a remote keyserver. Am I just missing something obvious?

If the functionality is not in the library, I'm just curious if Justus
has considered it worthy of time or not to add it to the library
sometime or if there's any thoughts on a better way to deal with
auto-recovering from missing keys, if my approach is bad.

Specific details on the issue I'm working on is available here for the
curious or in case it adds context to my question:

Thanks (in advance), as always, for your assistance!


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