GPGee version 1.3.0 Released

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GPGee version 1.3.0 Released

I have just released version 1.3.0 of GPGee - the GnuPG Explorer Extension.

The major new feature in this release is support for the OpenPGP
smartcard.  There is a whole host of minor changes and bugfixes too
including better directory recursion, .pgp file extension support,
subkey-friendly signing and encryption, and fixes for passphrase caching
where more than one passphrase is asked for in a single operation.

You can read the complete list of changes on the GPGee web page in the
news section.  A direct link is:

For those of you who are unfamilliar with the program, GPGee is the
GnuPG Explorer Extension - a Windows shell extension front end for GnuPG
that gives you access to GnuPG functionality directly through the
Windows explorer right-click context menu.

More information (including a full discussion of the new version) and
downloads are available from:

As a last note, I want to thank Werner Koch and g10 Code for donating
some smartcards so I could get the support for them working.

Kurt Fitzner

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