[PATCH] gpgconf STABLE-BRANCH-2-2 deprecate option hint

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[PATCH] gpgconf STABLE-BRANCH-2-2 deprecate option hint

Bernhard Reiter-7
Use the description to flag an option as deprecated
so this is displayed in GUI clients (like Kleopatra).

Got a real user question about this, so the hint would help users.
(But it may trigger translation changes, and I'm not sure what
the policy of this is in STABLE-BRANCH-2-2)


diff --git a/tools/gpgconf-comp.c b/tools/gpgconf-comp.c
index 0618125cf..c1ded8f60 100644
--- a/tools/gpgconf-comp.c
+++ b/tools/gpgconf-comp.c
@@ -751 +751 @@ static gc_option_t gc_options_gpg[] =
-     "gnupg", N_("|URL|use keyserver at URL"), /* Deprecated - use dirmngr */
+     "gnupg", N_("|URL|use keyserver at URL (deprecated - use Network
settings)"), /* Deprecated - use dirmngr */

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