Status of --auto-key-locate ldap?

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Status of --auto-key-locate ldap?

Damien Goutte-Gattat
Hi GnuPG developers,

The manual for gpg mentions the "ldap" method for the --auto-key-locate
feature. If I understand correctly, with this method, when gpg is asked
to locate a key for [hidden email], it should query a LDAP server
(which it finds either through a SRV record in the DNS, or by assuming
it is at for the requested key.

That behavior is currently not implemented. The logic for it is still
present in the keyserver_import_ldap function (in g10/keyserver.c), but
has been commented out.

Is there any plan to reactivate this feature? I don't remember seeing
anyone complaining about its absence. Was it deactivated because no one
was actually using it?

The reason I'm asking this is that I'm currently writing an article
attempting to describe all the available methods for publishing and
locating public keys (from the "classic" HKP keyservers to the recently
introduced Web Key Directories), and I would like to know whether it is
worthwhile to mention LDAP auto-discovery.



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