WKD specifiction: Where to channel reports and suggestions?

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WKD specifiction: Where to channel reports and suggestions?

Bernhard Reiter-7
Am Freitag 29 Januar 2021 01:20:55 schrieb Ángel:
> > I've reported concerns about the draft on https://dev.gnupg.org using
> > the "wkd" tag, though that tag is also used for bug reports, feature
> > requests, etc for the wkd implementation in GnuPG itself:
> >
> >     https://dev.gnupg.org/project/profile/108/

As long as there is no other tag or subtag, `wkd` seems okay to me.
The wiki or this mailinglist both seem to be okay, too.

> > I don't know whether there is a preferred way to report concerns or
> > suggest problems with the spec.  Perhaps Werner can suggest what he
> > prefers?

> During this thread there were a few points that would be very
> appropriate to have filled somewhere, at the very least so that they
> don't get forgotten.

Starting some fresh posts with summaries
(or summaries on dev.gnupg.org) is helpful to me.
I admit that I've lost the overview in the monster thread.

It is hard to spot the arguments in the noise, this is why
I suggest to split and summarize.

Best Regards,

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