gpgsm batch: cryptic error

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gpgsm batch: cryptic error

Luis Marsano

Love gnupg.

Recently discovered it can create X.509 certificates.

However, I’m running into difficulties.


>gpgsm --generate-key --batch cert.gpgsm

gpgsm: line 2: error getting signing key by keygrip '(null)': IPC parameter error

gpgsm: error creating certificate request: IPC parameter error <GPG Agent>


>type cert.gpgsm


Key-Type: RSA

Key-Usage: sign, cert

Name-DN: CN=test

Serial: random

Issuer-DN: CN=marsano authority

Expire-Date: 20500101T000000

Signing-Key: &67A48B009F82A4975C4CAD7C3AB2304116B448EC


>gpgsm -K "&67A48B009F82A4975C4CAD7C3AB2304116B448EC"



           ID: 0x5172A795

          S/N: 58E78DCE286D204B2E66F9F6

       Issuer: /CN=marsano authority

      Subject: /CN=marsano authority

     validity: 2017-04-07 13:02:06 through 2027-04-05 13:02:06

     key type: 2048 bit RSA

    key usage: certSign crlSign

chain length: unlimited

  fingerprint: 6C:3C:2D:46:F6:1C:77:B5:FE:1B:05:09:90:40:6B:D0:51:72:A7:95


>gpgsm --version

gpgsm (GnuPG) 2.1.20



>gpgconf --check-programs

gpg:OpenPGP:C%3a\Program Files (x86)\GnuPG\bin\gpg.exe:1:1:

gpg-agent:Private Keys:C%3a\Program Files (x86)\GnuPG\bin\gpg-agent.exe:1:1:

scdaemon:Smartcards:C%3a\Program Files (x86)\GnuPG\bin\scdaemon.exe:1:1:

gpgsm:S/MIME:C%3a\Program Files (x86)\GnuPG\bin\gpgsm.exe:1:1:

dirmngr:Network:C%3a\Program Files (x86)\GnuPG\bin\dirmngr.exe:1:1:

pinentry:Passphrase Entry:C%3a\Program Files (x86)\GnuPG\bin\pinentry-basic.exe:1:1:



Host Name:                 LMM-NOTEBOOK

OS Name:                   Microsoft Windows 10 Education

OS Version:                10.0.14393 N/A Build 14393

OS Manufacturer:           Microsoft Corporation

OS Configuration:          Standalone Workstation

OS Build Type:             Multiprocessor Free

Registered Owner:          [hidden email]

Registered Organization:   Microsoft

Product ID:                00328-00206-31599-AA213

Original Install Date:     8/5/2016, 6:56:44 AM

System Boot Time:          4/8/2017, 6:58:39 PM

System Manufacturer:       Hewlett-Packard

System Model:              HP ENVY dv6 Notebook PC

System Type:               x64-based PC

Processor(s):              1 Processor(s) Installed.

                           [01]: Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9 GenuineIntel ~1200 Mhz


This is the current GnuPG installed recently from the simple installer.

I can’t seem to generate a certificate.

Any idea about this problem?



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