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[libgpg-error][L10n@TP] Inconsistent state on TP and in Git Repo.

Mingye Wang (Arthur2e5)
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Hey all,

I have found that `libgpg-error`'s translations in your [git po/] has
diverted with that on [TP Domain]. I have noticed the TP Coordinator,
and it seems that two of the translation contributors haven't signed
that GNU translation disclaimer, causing TP unable to merge the
translations in.

In some other childishly-strict words, you upstream violated two rules:

* You set the TP domain as need-disclaimer, but let non-disclaimed
translations come in your git tree. It's violating the rules you made.
* Generally you shouldn't edit or change the PO files in your repository
directly, ‘as this would undermine the authority of the language teams
and defeat their purpose.’ ([TP Maint Info])

To make things work, you can either remove the disclaimer requirement
(which is risky and weird for GNU projects), or wait for the translators
to disclaim. Or you can mark the translations as `external` on TP, I
have seen a few projects doing that already.

And for translators that I have CCed to, please join the TP teams of
your locale and sign the [disclaimer].

* * *


[TP Domain]:https://translationproject.org/domain/libgpg-error.html
[TP Maint Info]:https://translationproject.org/html/maintainers.html

* * *

To TP Coord Benno, I think it would be possible to do a partial merge,
excluding the non-disclaimed languages, pt and ru. Well I don't really
need them now, so..


Arthur2e5 (0x222D7BDA)

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