problems with gpgscm on s390x

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problems with gpgscm on s390x

Daniel Kahn Gillmor-7
hey all--

I posted recently, in reference
to -- gpgscm is intermittently crashing
on the s390x platform since commit
49e2ae65e892f93be7f87cfaae3392b50a99e4b1 ("gpgscm: Use a compact vector

This is a problem for debian because s390x is a release architecture
[0], and a failing test suite means a build failure, which means a delay
in acceptance of the package.

2.1.19 has several important bugfixes in it, and i'd like to try to get
them into debian in some form sooner rather than later.

I have access to an s390x machine where i managed to get this initial
diagnosis, and i have the usual suite of debugging tools there.  If i
can help get more information, please let me know.

Could someone more upstream than me (Justus, perhaps?) take a look at




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