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vedaal at vedaal at
wrote on Thu Jan 14 19:37:37 CET 2021:

>but functionally, yes, it can be done.
 my mistake. Can't really be done this way :-((
>[1] Armor the signature file ( gpg --armor filename.sig )
should be enarmor instead of armor :-(
this outputs to filename.sig.asc
[2[ Armor your encrypted comments, and copy them to the end of the

(leave one blank line between the pgp footer of the signature file,
and the pgp header of the encrypted file)
[3] Save the whole thing as filename.sig.asc
[4] gpg filename.sig,asc will automatically verify the sig if the
original signed file 'filename' is present, and also decrypt the added
It doesn't.
It gives weird error messages.
sorry ;-(


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